Unfortunately, Katy Perry & Russell Brand will Divorced

Couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand has always looked tenderly each to appear in public. Then, why the couple decided to end their marriage?

Katy Perry and Russell Brand feels There are some basic things that really make them unsuitable.

Katy reported feeling confidence in their parents and relatives not respected Russell.

Peak, a married couple in Rajasthan, India on October 23, 2010 it had a big fight before Christmas. At that time, Katy and Russell did not agree about a vacation spot.

"Fu*k you, I'll do what I want, Russell had replied, 'Well, fu*k you too'," said the source.

Until finally, on Friday (12.30.2011), British comedy actor filed for divorce in court in Los Angeles, United States. Reasons for divorce because of incompatibility between the two.

"Sadly, Katy and I have to end the marriage. I will always admire her and I'll always be friends with her," said Russell
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