Latest Hair Styles Katy Perry

Katy Perry has repeatedly change their hair style during the year 2011.

Once juaga while attending an event in Los Angeles, USA has changed from the appearance of singer Katy Perry. Singer hits 'California Gurls' was seen to change his hairstyle.

As reported by U.S. Magazine on Monday (5/12/2011), Katy seemed to cut her hair short. 27-year-old woman was also visible dye her hair with baby pink color.

Throughout 2011, the Katy had several times to change her hair color. In June, he performed with flame red hair.

When present at the premiere of the movie 'Smurf' in July, Katy also briefly appeared with blonde hair. Then, in August he changed his hair color again with the color lavender.

Most recently, Katy successfully completed the tour length 'California Dreams' which lasted for eight months.

Hair Styles Katy Perry

Hair Styles Katy Perry
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