Obama's visit to the residence of Antonio Banderas, what happened?

A president until a visit to our homes must be a wonderful experience. Moreover, if the host is Antonio Banderas and his guest is Barack Obama.

Antonio Banderas and his wife, Melanie Griffith, had hosted a party fundraiser. Since U.S. President also attended the event, security was tightened, one of which is to give each family member, including Antonio, with a coded name confidential.

"We held a charity event with Barack Obama. We had guests the President of the United States at our house! It made ​​me laugh because not every day this happens. We are all, as a family, get the name of the coded secret for security reasons. Secret Service who gave us the name, "Banderas story when present in a talk show with Graham Norton.

So, who's name Banderas version of the Secret Service? "I called Zorro," he said, which of course, the name is appropriate for him, given Banderas fame for his role in The Mask of Zorro.

The event was held at the residence of Banderas in California in October, as part of Barack Obama's reelection campaign. Hosted by Eva Longoria, the event aimed to raise funds, primarily from Hispanic donors.

The President, Barack Obama when leaving the residence of Antonio Banderas
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