Between Tom Cruise and Accidents

Tom Cruise is full of totality in his work as an actor. Tom even want to jump straight from the world's tallest building in Dubai, after filming his latest movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

In the episode of the spy, 49 year-old actor plays an American agent, Ethan Hunt. He admitted that while filming a scene falling from a height of 2717 feet in the tower Burj Khalifa in Dubai, he fell head first. Although under the mattress mounted safety, but the actions of Tom Cruise made ​​the crew very worried.

"There is a slight error when I jumped from the building, walk upright, and then began to jump. Because there are so fierce wind, I felt shaky and my legs are not balanced, so that I fell head first," said Tom Cruise was quoted by Femalefirst

"I'm looking for a specific reference points and I thought, 'When did I go back to the building so I will not repeat the same mistakes that landed head first premises',' said Tom

"My body was hit in the building, and I can actually feel the fear and anxiety felt by the crew, and I immediately said 'No, It's okay, I'm fine, I'm fine," he explained.

Opposite Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner also impressed with the work ethic my father was Suri Cruise.

"The trick jump, as if to say you will not see it again tomorrow. Like there was something wrong, you might have a chance to make some phone calls to emergency rescue personnel," said Jeremy

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
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