Katy Perry Crazy after Increased age

Though her birthday had passed last September, did not mean Katy Perry can not celebrate the 27th anniversary with Glorious. Special to celebrate her birthday, Katy Perry is wearing all-pink cowgirl costume with matching hair.

Katy Perry's appearance was quite sexy because Katy's costume opens in the abdomen during a party entitled Wild West Birthday this Ho Down Throwdown. Katy Perry behave in a wild party with the theme of 'cowboy'.

Katy Perry is not alone in this party, because Russell Brand, the husband, accompanied her deliberately costumed Indians. 

Some friends of Katy Perry, Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, Anna Faris and her husband Chris Pratt, also appear to come celebrate the birthday of the singer.

Katy Perry and Russell is not the only one who wore a costume party full of treats unique in roast beef, corn and apple pie. Adam Lambert compact costumed Dances with the Moon and Dancess with the Sun with his girlfriend, while Robyn came costumed cacti.

Katy Perry's guests had come riding a horse-drawn carriage. Katy Perry's family in right side.

"Like my friends, I really enjoyed this party. I wish them all the experience (a festive evening)," says Katy Perry.

 Katy Perry - So Cute
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