Brad Pitt Wanted To Retire From The Actor

Famous star, Brad Pitt as an actor wants to retire within three years. This 47-year-old man wanted to switch sides with the bear behind the scenes role.

It was revealed Pitt in a talk show, 60 Minutes, when asked how long she will continue to be an actor, actress Angelina Jolie's lover was answered: "Three years."

When asked what he would do after retiring as an actor, he replied, jokingly, "I wish I knew!". However, Pitt continued, "I really enjoy the role as producer and got a lot of stories that may be more challenging."

Pitt was nominated for an Academy Award got them for roles in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2008. He was a frequent among them executive producer for the movie Year of the Dog in 2007.

In the interview, Pitt admitted he did not pursue happiness, but the hunt for peace. "Too much pressure to be happy. I do not care. I realize I can be happy sometimes, sometimes not. But, for me to feel peace is more important, "added Pitt. 

Pitt interviewed in Tokyo for the event. He was there to promote the newest movie, Moneyboll

After the Tokyo, Pitt went sightseeing with his wife, and their six children to Vietnam. Their second oldest son, Pax, from Vietnam. They toured the sites where the Vietnam War.
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