Brad Pitt invaded Hungary SWAT troops..!

Brad Pitt
Unfortunately the fate of veteran actor Brad Pitt. Celebrities who have lots of fans around the world, was raided during a shooting by a special SWAT team at the storage warehouse of weapons that are used as properties in the horror film drama titled World War Z yesterday.

Anti-terrorist SWAT team stormed the warehouse and Hungary confiscated 85 guns are functioning normally. Most of the weapons that kind of assault rifles.

In a letter filed Pitt film production team, stated if the weapon was not functional and it is unclear who is responsible for the procurement of such weapons.

Brad Pitt

The weapon was reportedly flown via private plane on Monday. An official of the Hungarian government said the weapons were wrapped like a parcel and sent from a company to the individual.

Brad Pitt

"Weapons like this illegal to be brought in. Use if only for toy guns," said Janos Hajd├║ and Zsolt Bodnar, who served as director and deputy director of the Hungarian anti-terror forces. The film is scheduled to be released on December 21, 2012 and Pitt in this film also acted as producer.

Brad Pitt, Troy

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Brad Pitt, Actor and Film Director

Brad Pitt, didn't Think Raided by SWAT Troops
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