Cristiano Ronaldo's pea-brain, said his ex-girlfriend.


If a partner relationship has ended, each blemish is the next thing. No more romance between two human beings who have the attitude to discredit one another.

This time it approached the condition of the mega star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Affair with a gorgeous model Nereida Gallardo to end in 2008.

Ronaldo's move to embrace Letizia Filippi, after Nereida also found a short message on the cell phone's intimate soccer club Real Madrid player. Three years passed, the scars in the hearts of Ronaldo, Nereida may not healed properly. He also declaim him.

Nereida Gallardo, ex-Ronaldo's Girlfriend

"His ego is too big. He also is not smart," Nereida sneered at The Sun. Greeting female 27-year sentence as Ronaldo wanted to respond to a few moments ago called himself "a wealthy, handsome and great" to respond to opponents fans scorn.

Irina Shayk, Ronaldo's Careful Owner

Ronaldo is now dating a model from Russia, Irina Shayk. And intend to marry Irina 2012. We must wait reportedly.

Cristiano Ronaldo, wouldn't Give a Damn

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Armani's Jeans

Cristiano Ronaldo Making Out with Irina
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