Really Ashton Kutcher the father of Dane Xander Jones?

The news no odor coming from the actor Ashton Kutcher. It is reported that he was the biological father of a baby who was born January Jones.

January ever going out with Ashton when he first moved to Los Angeles, namely in 1998-2001. Outstanding issues to mention Ashton is now believed to be the father of Dane Xander Jones.

"January is pregnant. Then the wife of the actor knows. Then in order to maintain continuity of careers, both the actor and his wife use a variety of tactics (money, lawyers) to silence lest the pregnancy news to the media," says the author of the blog Dlisted, Michael K, in Aceshowbiz, Thursday (10/20/2011).

Still said the source, although the pressure coming from all sides, the former (January) decided to keep her baby.

"And now the actor's marriage is shaky. We're not sure how long everyone can keep quiet about this one. It will be hard, like a time bomb of a divorce process, which is likely to occur before the new year tomorrow," Michael beber .

January Jones

January gave birth to her first child, Xander Dane Jones, on 13 September. Then the news infidelity Ashton and Sara Leal outstanding at the end of September. The scandals of actors Two and a Half Men was carried out in the sixth anniversary of his marriage to Demi.

Ashton Kutcher, often buffeted by scandal issue with some women

Ashton Kutcher have a nice smile

Ashton Kutcher, six pack body makes a lot of women crazy about him

Ashton Kutcher, very handsome with dark glasses

Ashton Kutcher, cool with a black jacket and green tie
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