Megan Fox addict "Hello"

Megan Fox

You believe that Megan Fox is addicted to video games? The actress who soared through the phenomenal film full animated "Transformers" is one feels addicted to online games. According to Fox, incomplete if he does not play video games in their daily life. Online game that is loved Megan Fox is "Hello".

Megan Fox

"I'm so addicted to this game. I'm really crazy about," Fox said as quoted from Zimbio, Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

Megan Fox

Fortunately Fox habits are "unusual" is not opposed by the Husband "Brian Austin". Megan Fox says Brian is very familiar with the hobby. She also said more fun playing online. And she was glad that no one recognized him in the game. Fox added that in the game "Halo" is consists of a group of people and they know if fox in that game was a woman. Fox fictitious names are often tempted, and they did not know that they teased the former world's sexiest woman "Megan Fox". Somehow the game's players react if they knew.

Megan Fox, a beautiful woman with sexy body

Megan Fox, she's a game mania

Megan Fox, Perfectly women

Megan Fox, Beatiful Eyes

Megan Fox, She's like tatto
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