Robin Williams Loss of USD 6 million

Unfortunately the fate of Robin Williams, he felt the money as much as $ 6 million missing. This is due to his role in the film 'A Couple of Dick' which is now changed the title into 'Cop Out' was replaced by Bruce Willis.

Over this incident, Robin Williams sued the producer Gold Circle Films and litigate. This funny actor sued the producers of Gold Circle Films. He claims to have previously been recruited to star in the film 'A Couple of Dick' and entitled to the honorarium.

Since the company was acquired by Warner Bros., Gold Circle bosses throw their obligations. In the movie A Couple of Dick 'which is now changed the title into' Cop Out ', displayed quality acting Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, with director Kevin Smith. This film tells the adventures of a stolen baseball card, and police rescued a woman who deals with gangsters money laundry.

Bruce Willis, The Substitute
Robin Williams, looked old with a bushy beard

Bruce Willis, always been exceptional in every appearance in the film

Robin Williams, when he gets an award

Robin Williams, distinctive style of laughter

Robin Williams, illustrated with a hilarious caricature
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