Justin Bieber: Want to play Movie

Justin wanted more in entertainment capabilities he has now. Despite his talent came through his voice, but he wanted to jump in the acting world. He has been successful delam documentary 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never', Justin Bieber next year will rise to the big screen.


Talking to MTV music videos during launch Mistletoe Thursday (18/10) and then, the singer of the hit Baby said, "Hopefully next summer I can start working on the film or some sort of thing." Although he did not elaborate on what kind of movie that will be working on, he revealed his management team had been considering a script.

As for current, 17-year-old pop star was admitted he was still busy working on her new album. "Kesibukanku now is to finish the tour inin and then my Christmas album to be released, so I have to re-promote the album, after that, my album is next to be worked as well, so everything will start from scratch again," he said as reported Aceshowbiz.

Bieber himself has shown his interest in acting. He once confessed that he really wanted to star in a movie comedy. "I wanted to play the comedy with Will Ferrell, as his son plays or something like that."

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