Doll's company losing money, because the hair Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Apparently not only the lover Justin Bieber angered by the behavior of Justin with a new hair cut. A doll maker, too full of anger! What is the problem?

Justin Bieber
This Canadian singer decides to change her hair style shortly before his 17th birthday earlier this year. This abrupt decision was not only making Bieber changed, but also a doll maker frenzy. The reason, they have to spend big to replace the doll's hair that has been their production, even reaching $ 100,000.

"At first, I did not understand what he was doing. But soon I heard a scream here and there and all the people running in and out of their office," said Jay Foremand, CEO of The Bridgge Direct, which gets a counter and copyright to make a doll replica of the idol adolescents.

Justin Bieber

Unable to pay that much, had a doll that was launched was still wearing long hair styles are pretty iconic Bieber. "Actually we do not want to disappoint the fans with a doll that Justin did not like him anymore. But there's nothing we can do," he explained.

Justin Bieber
Although the first output Bieber doll collection will still be the old style, but the company will update the design with a new hairstyle Bieber. Well, do not get a haircut Bieber?

"Justin should have called me three months before he cut his hair, right? Yeah. But we all know this will not happen," added the CEO resigned.

Justin Bieber, became a Byword

Justin Bieber, always Shine

Justin Bieber with Mom

Justin Bieber, he was Always News
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